Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Primary 2 Lesson 31: I will obey the law

CLICK HERE for the original lesson :)
I am not a fan of play doh.  Don't ask me why, but it TOTALLY grosses me out.  My poor kids are so deprived of the play doh experience :)  But, I did love the portion of the lesson that talked about fences.  I felt like it was very cute and easy for my 4-year-olds to understand!  I am going to just tell the example and then do this craft at the end of the lesson for the craft. 

It was easy to make!
Here are the items that I used.  I decided to use glue dots so they would stay together without drying time!  I also ended up getting 4x4x4 boxes from Michaels for each child.  I figured they would be easier to make than trying to do the fence with the sticks alone.  You can probably get plastic zoo animals from the dollar store.  I was lazy and just ordered mine on Amazon!
Using the glue dots, just stick the popsicle sticks to your box to make a "fence".  Hint:  I used glue dot sheets so you can give the kids their own.  If you use a roll, it is hard to share!  
When they were done, I used ribbon to tie this tag to the fence so the parents had a clue what the heck it was for :)  I made a PDF with 8 on a page for you to print HERE!
The lesson references some pretty cheesy badges as well.  This blog has some pretty awesome printables that I liked much better!  I printed them on a full size sticker sheet, cut them out and then easily just stuck them on each of the kids!

Hope these ideas help you be a bit more creative with this lesson :) 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Primary 2 Lesson 29: I Can Be a Good Example

Here is a fun little craft that you can make with the kids...

Items Needed:
You will need some tissue paper, glue, a tea light (that is battery operated), ribbon and a tea light holder.  I found all of these items at Michael's Crafts.  The tea light holder was only $1.00!

You will cut your tissue paper into little pieces before class.  MIND YOU... I would never think a multi colored candle holder would match anything, but I think the kids love the bright colors.  

Just glue the papers to the outside of the jar.  You may need to help them get any lose edges down.  The tissue paper is fun because in the dark you will see your light glow through the holder.  
You could also use mod podge.  In fact, it would probably work better but let's face it... I teach 4 year olds so for the sake of making sure their parents don't hate me I had to stick with something washable!

I always try to make some sort of tag to stick to the crafts we do.  Mostly so parents don't see what we have done and think to themselves "what in the world are they doing in there"!  

Hope this helps!  I love to try to do these crafts.  Some weeks I really wonder why I do anything more than your basic coloring page in Primary but then I hear stories from parents of how the kids keep these crafts and they play with them and they talk about them and that is what I love, and I want.  I want them to remember what they learned in class that day.  

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Primary 2 Lesson 27: I can help others be happy by sharing

Hello there!  It has been a LONG time since I have posted :)  I am now in Primary and have been loving the change of pace.  BUT... I have discovered it really does take quite a bit of creativity to entertain a class of 4-year olds for an hour!  I thought I would share my ideas along with ideas I have found from other blogs to help others who have to teach the same lesson.

The original lesson on can be found HERE.
I love to do a craft with each lesson.  It is a great way to remind the kids what they have learned.  This week I found the cutest printable HERE that I used to cut and color the 5 loaves and 2 fish from the story in the lesson.  Then, I just used a a paper bag, cut the top off and rolled it down to represent the basket the fish were in.   The kids had a great time cutting out and coloring their little baskets.  Here is what the finished craft looked like:
For their treat, we gave goldfish and rolls (to go with the theme of the story)
For their handout, I couldn't resist the temptation to buy these super cute fish games.  I found them for just $2 at the grocery store and knew the kids would love them.  I made this cute little tag to put on each:
The image on here is from the website,
head over and check it out.  GREAT Bible story craft ideas!

I just love teaching primary!  It is so fun to see how much the kids love to learn :)

Friday, August 2, 2013

Pin of the Week - Beeswax cloth snack bags

In case you missed it, here is my segment on making the beeswax cloth snack bags for Good Things Utah!

Pin of the Week

Beeswax cloth Snack Bags - as seen on Good Things Utah

 I am so excited to begin this new adventure of "reviewing pins" for Good Things Utah!  What a fun way to get my craft on :)

I found this pin on pinterest and was so intrigued with the concept of using beeswax to make some cute sandwich or snack bags for the new school year!  I liked the idea of making something that is 100% natural, non-toxic and relatively inexpensive.  Coating your snack bag in beeswax will keep your food from drying out because it doesn’t breath.  It makes your cloth water resistant and helps to prevent the growth of mold, yeast and bacteria.

I followed the instructions on this pin almost exactly but did change just a FEW things.  Here is what I did:
 Cut your 2 fabric strips to be 7" wide x 13" long.  With the right sides of your fabrics facing each other, sew them together at the top & bottom of the fabric.

Turn the fabric right side out and iron your seams.

Cut your FabricFusion velcro to be 6.5” long and iron to the top & bottom of the bag leaving a 1/4” space for a seam on both sides.

Melt the beeswax on LOW heat in your pan.  Put a magazine in between the liner and the front of your bag.  This helps keep the bees wax from leaking through onto the front of the bag.

 It looks like this when that happens:
 Carefully paint the wax below the velcro and 1/4” from each side.  Believe me, you will want to do this carefully because your sewing machine WILL NOT like having to sew on waxy cloth :)  Let the wax dry.
Fold the rectangle in half with the velcro facing out and sew the sides

Fold your bag right side out to use!

To wash:  Hand wash in COLD water with a mild detergent only.

Helpful lesson I learned:

Instead of using the block of bees wax, I bought these beeswax organic pastilles on  They were only $18.38 for 2 lbs.  This is MORE than enough.  I am sure I could make a bazillion of these bags with this much wax.  I liked this wax because it melted quickly and was easier to measure.

I also noticed that the original pin mentioned ironing the bees wax onto the fabric with wax paper.  I tried this but it made the wax go all the way through so there is wax on the outside and the inside of the bag.  It isn't so bad now, but I was worried about wax melting onto my stuff.  Don't be tempted :)

Before I figured out to use the magazines, I didn’t like that the wax was showing on the front of the bag when I first tried this.   I tried to first do the liner with the beeswax and then sew the fabric with beeswax on it but it was way hard to sew AND wax ended up melting on the main fabric when I tried to iron on the velcro so that was not a successful way to modify this.



Sunday, April 7, 2013

Crafty ways to get your kids do chores!

With spring in the air I am REALLY feeling the need to clean my house!  I am quickly realizing I need my kids' help to do this so I created a few ideas to help get things done.

I saw this idea on Pinterest and I would LOVE to give credit for this cute idea but there was only a picture, and not a link anywhere!  Since I have 3 kids I got 3 buckets with the supplies needed for them to do their chores.  I put a tag on the bucket with their "to do list".  When they finish this chore, I am going to let them draw a lottery ticket!
This lottery ticket is where I got my craft on!  I went to CAMERA SHY IN LEHI and told them I needed a decent picture of myself (hard to do!) holding a frame.  It was easy because they have so many props they grabbed this frame right away!  They snapped me some pics and I picked my favorite one.

Because they give me the CD of pictures, I was able to use photoshop and add a white square inside the frame and then just simply print these puppies at Costco.

With a thin sharpie marker I wrote in the "prize" they will get for completing their chore.

Using 2 parts metallic paint to 1 part dish soap, paint a square of paint on a piece of contact paper or clear tape.  Let dry and re-paint as needed for coverage.

Cut the contact paper to the size of the square on your picture.  Now it is ready to be scratched off!

The kids will love the surprise and the fun of scratching off this card when they finish their chores.  (I'm not going to guarantee they will love the actual chore, heehee) 
I love this idea because I can make their chores match my room and look like decor! To start, I will give you instructions on how to make this cute little puppies and then I will tell you how I use them!
I wanted the color on my candlesticks to show through as being white so I painted each wooden candlestick with a coat of white paint first.

I then applied Aquaphore (but I think you can also use vaseline) to the areas I wanted to have the white show through.
Paint the top coat you would like.  I used blue paint.

Sand the Candlestick with sand paper and the white will show through effortlessly.  LOVE easy distressing!

Glue a wooden 4” disk (painted blue) to the top of your candlestick.  Glue the glass jar to the top of the wooden disk. I used E6000 glue.  I then tied ribbons and a tag with a picture of my kids (love that I can print Camera Shy pictures to any size) to each jar.  One jar got a tag that simply says “done”.

Next I got some popsicle sticks from the craft store and wrote the chores I wanted each kid to do on the stick.  I used my crop-a-dile hole punch to punch a hole and tie a ribbon on the top of each stick.  Each stick has a different color of ribbon for each child.
I used one of my pictures from Camera Shy to make these "Mom Bucks" on my computer.

Now, are you wondering what to do with all this?  It is simple!  I just put the sticks in each jar for each child at the beginning of the day.  When they have completed their chore, they will get to put that popsicle stick in the "done" jar.  At the end of the day I pay each child by putting their mom bucks in their jar.  They can cash them in at the end of the week.  I like using mom bucks so kids don't lose the money throughout the week, but they get to see it add up as they do their chores.