Wednesday, September 29, 2010

LDS Young Women Lesson #33 Handout..The sacred power of Procreation

I got the idea for this handout from and then added my own "spin" to it!  To make the frog, I just googled a picture of a frog to color and then printed 2 copies.  I cut the whole body from one and the legs from the other and then paper pieced them together with green cardstock.  For the eyes, I cut 2 white circles and used little black rhinestones in the center.  I also outlined the whole thing with a black felt tip pen.  Super cute!  When I gave these to my Laurels, they laughed.  I made the (not so funny) joke that I thought it should be more that you don't need to "pet" every frog to find a prince but thought their parents may find that an inappropriate handout!  Hope someone can use this to make their lesson easier :)

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