Friday, January 14, 2011

LDS YW Manual 3, Lesson 2.. Parable of the Pickle Handout

I prepared my lesson for tomorrow.  I basically followed the lesson but then ended using the Parable of the Pickle.  I used the concepts discussed in Elder Bednar's Talk.  I got the general concept from this talk but twisted it just a bit to match the lesson a little better.  For the Handout, I made it as a 5x7 size so that I could print 2 to a picture at Costco for $.39 each!  I am going to attach these labels to a jar of pickles and use packing tape as the "laminate" over the top!   I also included the single picture so you can format it however you would like if it helps.  To use this file, click on the picture and then right click and save it to your computer (for a PC) for a Mac, just drag it to your desktop!
The digital papers used in this kit are from The Ettes at Pickleberry Pop and the kit is called the Good Life.  LOVE THE ETTES designs!!!!

Here is a copy of my notes from this part of the lesson:

Parable of the Pickle:
We can use this analogy to understand the process of change we need to experience to become more like Christ.
Preparing and Cleansing:  You have to take the stems off, scrub the pickles clean...repent and make yourself clean
Immersing and Saturating:  It has to be immersed in salt brine:  We can be immersed in the scriptures, we have to listen to church talks, read books, attend seminary, etc.  If we don't immerse a "pickle" into these things, we will have a "pickle" that is only half done.
Purifying and Sealing:  Cured cucumbers are packed into sterilized jars and heat processed in order to remove impurities and to seal the containers from external contaminants. The boiling-water-bath procedure enables the pickles to be both protected and preserved over a long period of time....  Go to the temple often, continually do what it takes to "seal" you from temptation.

If we do these things, we will be comfortable having Christ as our friend, we will have things in common to talk about and we will KNOW Christ better.

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  1. Love this lesson and these handouts!