Friday, October 26, 2012

Dr. Seuss YW in Excellence

This year, we are doing our YW in Excellence as Dr. Seuss!  I will share more pictures as we complete them.  The first idea is our cute invite, here it is!
You can get this invite on Etsy HERE and they will email it to you all ready to print!

**Updated 08-21-2013** I wish I was able to take more pictures of the actual event but I was so overwhelmed with serving food that I didn't get any!  But, here is a summary of what we did:

Each table was a different value color.  For the center pieces I got a scalloped frame and mod podged cute scrapbook paper the color of each value.  The frames looked a little like this one....
You can get this frame at Poppyseed Projects
Then, I put quotes from different Dr. Seuss books in the frames.  I found quotes to match the different values!  Pinterest has a TON you can find :)  I got 3 fresh flowers the color of each value to put on each table and the center pieces were done!  (Of course the plates and paper goods were all matching). 

For my talk, I spoke about the places we can go and the things that would try to make it hard for us to accomplish personal progress but if we stick with it we can do amazing things because of it!

I am so sorry I don't have much more :(  Hope you can enjoy your night of excellence!

Halloween Activity

Next week we are going to go "Reverse Trick or Treating" for our activity!  I thought you would appreciate  copy of what we are doing!  We are going to knock on doors and leave families glow bracelets for the kids with this fun note!  I had typed in "D5 Young Women" on mine but left this one blank for you!  We just printed them at Costco on 4x6 photos and cut them in half!  Here is the file in it's original size.  You just click on it and then right click and save it to your PC or click on it and drag it to your desktop on your Mac!
I bought this darling scrapbook kit HERE if you would like to download the whole thing to enjoy!