Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Primary 2 Lesson 31: I will obey the law

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I am not a fan of play doh.  Don't ask me why, but it TOTALLY grosses me out.  My poor kids are so deprived of the play doh experience :)  But, I did love the portion of the lesson that talked about fences.  I felt like it was very cute and easy for my 4-year-olds to understand!  I am going to just tell the example and then do this craft at the end of the lesson for the craft. 

It was easy to make!
Here are the items that I used.  I decided to use glue dots so they would stay together without drying time!  I also ended up getting 4x4x4 boxes from Michaels for each child.  I figured they would be easier to make than trying to do the fence with the sticks alone.  You can probably get plastic zoo animals from the dollar store.  I was lazy and just ordered mine on Amazon!
Using the glue dots, just stick the popsicle sticks to your box to make a "fence".  Hint:  I used glue dot sheets so you can give the kids their own.  If you use a roll, it is hard to share!  
When they were done, I used ribbon to tie this tag to the fence so the parents had a clue what the heck it was for :)  I made a PDF with 8 on a page for you to print HERE!
The lesson references some pretty cheesy badges as well.  This blog has some pretty awesome printables that I liked much better!  I printed them on a full size sticker sheet, cut them out and then easily just stuck them on each of the kids!

Hope these ideas help you be a bit more creative with this lesson :) 

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